Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication Devices

  1. While on Club property, all WCDs are to be switched to silent mode (no ringing, beeping or vibrating). 
  2. Talking on a cell phone is prohibited on the golf courses, in the Clubhouse and on the property in general, other than in a vehicle in the parking lot, in a designated phone booth or in the Business Centre. 
  3.  Silent, non-audible use of WCDs is permitted in the following areas, but must be discreet and non-disruptive to others:
  • Locker Rooms
  • Pro Shop
  • Learning Centre
  • Second  and third floors of the Clubhouse (other than in the Men’s TV Room, Men’s Balcony, Women's Scoring Room and TV Room)
  • The Tee House and the Practice Area
  • Parking Lots
  • The Business Centre
For clarity, use of WCDs is not permitted on the main floor of the Clubhouse (including the Lawn and other areas where members and their guests are enjoying food and beverage service), other than in the Men’s locker room or rooms that have been booked for meetings.
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