Welcome to the 2023 Men's & Women's League Information Page

Women's League

History, Philosophy, and Key Dates

In collaboration with a few passionate members, the Pro Shop team at TGC developed two leagues. Our Men’s League started in 2011; and, our Women’s League started in 2013. TGC’s Leagues offer a team setting in which to meet other TGC members; play golf; have fun; and win prizes.

Women’s League provides a flexible environment that encourages women to play 9 holes of golf on preselected days throughout the season.

Women’s League at TGC will be played on the following Tuesdays:
May 9,  May 23,  June 13, June 27,  July 5,
August 15, 
September 12, September 26

On the 10 specified Women’s League Tuesdays, participants will play:

9 holes of golf;* on either of the front 9 holes of the Colt Course, or the Watson Course;

 At any time of the day; with player(s) of her choosing; and from any set of tees!

The Starters will be helpful in arranging games for players who are looking for a group to join.

Each player will record her gross score on TGC’s official Women’s League card and turn it in to the Pro Shop. TGC’s League Liaison will input all gross scores, and our tournament software will automatically determine Stableford points. 

Women's League Scores will be posted directly to Golf Canada. 
*18 hole players please enter your second nine score only to Golf Canada*

Scoring and Participation

Women’s League is run as a 9-hole net Stableford competition. It is the intention of the league that each participant receives one point towards her team’s overall score for playing and submitting her scorecard for a full 9 holes. On occasion, a player may not be able to complete her round due to unforeseen circumstances, such as injury or running out of daylight. In this event, a player may submit a scorecard for a minimum of 7 holes in order to be granted her participation point. A player who is called off the course by the weather warning system will be granted her point.
Each team’s score for the week will be determined by adding the following, as posted by the team:
* the 6 best net Stableford scores; and
* all participation points (one per participant).

Women's League "Meet Your Team Dinner"
Thursday, May 4th.
Please sign up through the Clubhouse. 
Women's League Awards & Dinner 
Wednesday, October 11th.

Please sign up through the Clubhouse. 

Men's League

This year will feature the same great format from last year with
eight teams battling for the Men's League Trophy!

 Players can play any time on designated Wednesdays throughout the season. 
Men's League Dates are as follows: May 17, May 31, June 7,
June 21, July 19, August 23, September 13 and October 4.