December 16, 2022
Should you require your golf clubs over the winter months,
please contact the Pro Shop to arrange pick-up between
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. until December 22nd. 

The Pro Shop will be closed with limited access to the property
December 22nd until March 1st, 2023.



December 14, 2022

Should you require your golf clubs over the winter months,
please contact the Pro Shop to arrange pick-up between
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. until December 22nd. 

The Pro Shop will be closed with limited access to the property
December 22nd until March 1st, 2023.

November 29, 2022

Announcement from the Head Professional
Doug Rankin.jpg

Today is an exciting day for my family and me, I have provided our Board of Directors with a letter advising that next year’s golf season will be my last as the Head Professional at The Toronto Golf Club.

Next year will be my 33rd season at the Club and my 35th as a Head Professional in golf. I joined our Canadian P.G.A. in 1977, during my university days, and always knew that this business is exactly what I wanted for my career.

When I received the call in October 1990, the thought of being the Professional at TGC was beyond my wildest dreams, and when I sat with Greenhills C.C. co-owner, Mr. Brayl Copp, to let him know that I was leaving London, ON to take on the position at Toronto Golf, his parting comment was, “I would be disappointed if you were leaving for any Club other than Toronto Golf, it is the very best.” 

During my time at TGC, I have had the opportunity to conduct significant golf tournaments, become involved in a Pro Shop rebuild as well as Colt, Watson and practice facilities redesigns and even directed our team through a difficult Covid period. Working with some terrific Club Captain’s throughout the years, I am extremely proud to have been able to assist when asked and direct when required to help better the golf experience for our members.

What provides the greatest joy and comfort for me is to know that we as a Pro Shop team helped to shape young lives in a positive direction, whether young back shop employees or graduating Associate Professionals, I am so proud to have collaborated with such amazing people and it is a major source of pride and satisfaction.

My career in golf has been one of dedication on one hand and sacrifice on the other, what I have given to the Club over the years meant that a multitude of family events were pushed to the side for me. Retirement will be an awakening of sorts, with family trips and cottage time spread out over the summer months. Time to play golf, time to catch fish and, most importantly, it is time to start wearing shorts!

Next season will be exciting, with an outstanding group of young professionals and teammates ready to go, I am so confident that the season will be a rewarding one. It is an honour to work with Head Associate Professional, Laura MacElwain, who continues to amaze. Laura has our merchandising program, staffing requirements and Club calendar geared up and ready to go! Our teaching programs are set thanks to Director of Instruction, Andrew Lovell. This spring we will welcome two new Assistant Professionals, Lucas Robertson, who comes to us from the Barrie C.C. and Connor Brown, who has completed two seasons at London Hunt and C.C. Both are excellent young men, and they will be great additions to the team

Special thanks to John Gravett, who has been amazingly supportive of my decision to retire, and thank you to Anne Richardson, Paul Chambers and Paul Scenna, all of whom are exceptional Senior Managers here at the Club.

During my recent courtesy call to Mr. Elliot Gardiner, he reminded me that as Club President, he hired me because I was wearing black shoes with a navy suit, while the other candidate lost his shoes and appeared in brown deck shoes. So, thank you Mr. Gardiner for noticing my shiny shoes, I am forever indebted, and thank you to our members for so many years of support. Looking forward to an outstanding 2023 season!

Doug Rankin,
Head Professional


November 25, 2022

Pro Shop Hours
Until End of Season
Daily 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Click HERE for the WOMEN'S results
Click HERE for the MEN'S results



November 17, 2022

Colt Course 

Closed for the Season on Monday, November 14th

Watson Course

Closed for the Season on Thursday, November 17th

 Pro Shop Hours 

Until End of Season

Daily 9:00 a.m. to Dusk  

November 3, 2022

Colt Course

Open until the end of day on Sunday November 13th

Closed for the Season on
Monday, November 14th

Monday 10:00 a.m. until ½ hour before Dusk
Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 a.m. until ½ hour before Dusk
(Weather Dependent)

 Watson Course and Range

Will remain open until weather dictates closure

Monday 10:00 a.m. until ½ hour before Dusk
Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 a.m. until ½ hour before Dusk
(Weather Dependent)

Pro Shop Hours 

Until End of Season
Monday to Sunday 8:30 a.m. to Dusk  

October 27, 2022



Pro Shop Hours
Until End of Season
Monday to Sunday 8:30 a.m. to Dusk

 Golf Course Hours
Until End of Season
Monday 10:00 a.m. until 1/2 hour before Dusk

Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 a.m. until 1/2 hour before Dusk
*Weather Dependent*


Monday, October 24th to Friday, October 28th
Aerification - Colt - Back 9 Greens


Saturday, October 29th  

Celtic Cup - 12:00 p.m. Modified Shotgun
Colt Course - 1st Tee is closed all morning until 12:15 p.m.
(Due to the prediction of a Frost Delay that morning)

1st Tee re-opens 12:15 p.m. until 2:00 p.m.
1st Tee closes 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

The Watson Course will be open 9:00 a.m. until ½ hour prior to dusk
(weather dependent) 

for those that would like to play in the morning.






October 20, 2022

Pro Shop Hours

Until End of Season
Monday to Sunday 8:30 a.m. to Dusk 

 Golf Course Hours

Until End of Season
Monday 10:00 a.m. until 1/2 hour before Dusk
Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 a.m. until 1/2 hour before Dusk
*Weather Dependent*

Pro Shop Information


October 20, 2022


Women's League - Monique Kack- North
Men's League - Nameh Jabbour

 Congratulations to our
Women's and Men's League Champions


Team Sydney Mulqueen
Karen Bradeen, Debbie Court, Elizabeth Deacon, Ann Doritty, Jane Evans,
Elizabeth Hermant, Martine Irman, Amanda Jericho,
Jane Kelly, Arlene Kobayashi, Kelly Koselek, Jane Kucey, Elizabeth Lambert,
Susan Lawson, Elizabeth Lesslie, Stephanie Lewis, Maureen McCullough,
Victoria McKean, Nathalie Mercure, Martha Osler, Lynn Patterson, Sue Pielsticker,
Lynn Ross, Jan de Pencier Seaborn, Shuchi Stanger, Nancy Watchorn,
Mary Wemp, Daphne Whicher, Janet Wilson, Barb Wilson

Team Cumming
James Anagnoson, Landon Bibeau, Robert Borthwick, Danny Cimoroni,
Clark Court, David Forster, Frank Franciosa, John Graham, Michael Grochmal,
Jonathan Khan, Joseph Knight, Andrew Kucey, Steven Lewis,
Brian O'Hea, Michael Overbury, Matthew Pacaud, Bill Pigott,
Mark Alexander Pooley, William Scott, Sean Seguin, Craig Sharp,
Robert Simpson, Peter Stanger, Andrew Thomson, Clark Toews,
Ashley Whicher, Christopher Wilson, Geoffrey H. Wilson, John Zacharias

October 12, 2022
Cronyn Champions
l-r Carroll Baker & Barb Moysey

Jane Keast & Nathalie Mercure

Monthly Medal Champions
Shuchi Stanger 
99 – 19 = 80
Gold Tees
Jim Rudyk 
86 – 16 = 70
White Tees


Grayson Churchill-Smith




September 29, 2022

            Dunbar Winner - Debbie Court            McCarthy Winner - Dee Dee Green
          Runner-Up - Melinda Harrison                Runner-Up - Jane Evans                

Debbie Court3.png         Dee Dee Green2.png
Rowe Winner - Wendy Balfour
Runner-Up - Kathy Grant
    Current & Past Directors' & Captains'          Hole-In-One - Lorenzo D'Alessandro
    Match Winner -  Debbie Court                    Saturday, September 24 Watson #4
 Debbie Court 4.png  Lorenzo D'Alessandro2.png

September 22, 2022

2022 Champions Weekend Results

 Women’s Section
 Sweny Match Play Champion
Carolyn Agnew
Runner up - Debbie Court

l-r Debbie Court, Carolyn Agnew
Williams Match Play Champion
Darlene Polyschuk
Runner up - Beth Dea
Darlene Polyschuk

 Watson Stroke Play Match Play Club Champion Coronation Trophy
Cathy Fauquier for winning all 3 events!!
Jenny Mercer (l), 9 Hole Convenor presenting Cathy Fauquier (r)
with the Match Play Club Champion Trophy

 Men’s Section
Cassels Match Play Champion
David A. Wilson
Runner up - Eamonn McConnell

l-r Men's Captain, Michael Cairns, David A. Wilson,
Men's Vice Captain, Sean Seguin
Goldson Match Play Champion
Victor Harding
Runner up - D’Arcy Doherty

l-r D’Arcy Doherty, Victor Harding
Osler Match Play Champion
Tim Seabrook
Runner up - Randy Benson

l-r Men's Captain, Michael Cairns,
Tim Seabrook,
Men's Vice Captain, Sean Seguin

Hadden Match Play Champion
Michael Cairns
Runner up - Peter Carver
l-r Doug Rankin, Head Professional,
Men's Captain, Michael Cairns,

Men's Vice Captain, Sean Seguin
2022 Club Champion
Will Leak
Runner up - Derek Churchill-Smith

l-r Michael Cairns, Men's Captain,
Will Leak, Men's Vice Captain, Sean Seguin
Mixed Section

Mixed McCarthy Match Play Champions
Don & Darlene Polyschuk
Runners up - Stephen Kearns & Arlene Kobayashi
Don Polyschuk & Darlene Polyschuk
 September 15, 2022

105th Parent & Child Championship
C.A. Masten Trophy Low Net Winners
Allen Smith & Tobin Davis

Brenda Bryce & Kevin Bryce

Elizabeth Deacon & Emily Deacon

Jeff Lindsay & Adam Lindsay

Will Drope & Lexi Drope

Watson Course Low Net Winners
Amy Stephenson & Wesley Stephenson

Monthly Medal Champions
Saturday, September 10

Jane Keast – Net 76
Greg Dean, Rob McKean, Joe Rooney – Net 69

Heather Grant
recently won both the
Senior Ladies' Club Championship and the Ladies' Club Championship
at The Lakes at Ben Eoin Golf Club & Resort in Cape Breton,
for the 11th time!

Heather Grant 2022 The Lakes at Ben Eoin Golf .png

September 2, 2022

Helen Warren Band Intermediate Women's Trophy

Congratulations to our Winner
JoJo Luel


Victoria McKean


Women’s Solheim Cup Winners



Ladies' Tri Team Competition Winners


Special thanks to the Competitors

Kelly Koselek, Nathalie Mercure, Jane Keast, Jane Evans
Carol Fahey, Jane Beatty, Colleen Campbell, Liz Cramer


August 25, 2022


Mixed Intermediate Guest Day Winners

Congratulations to
Jonathan Dorrity and Geoff Chisholm
for their winning score of -7.
A huge thank you to the 100 players who came out
for our Intermediate Guest Day!
It was a huge success and the
energy was amazing to see from this section of the membership.

Ladies' Rosedale Inter-Club

Congratulations to our TGC team for reclaiming the
TGC-Rosedale Inter-Club Matches trophy.

Carole Pigott, Pam Clark, Kelly Koselek, Jane Keast, Beth Dea,
Danise Phillips, Shuchi Stanger, Leeanne Weld, Nathalie Mercure,
Pat Flood, Melinda Harrison, Jane Evans.
Our Women won handily 22-14.
Great playing team!

August 19, 2022

 Mixed Member Guest Day Winners
Jeff Phillips, Alison Turner, Richard Turner, Danise Phillips
flanked by Ashley Whicher -l and Michael Cairns -r.


Men's One Day Winners
Michael Morse and John Finnigan presenting the
Milliken Low Gross Trophy to winners Nigel Hollidge and Dan Keogh


Men's One Day Winners
Michael Morse and John Finnigan presenting
Don Howson Low Net Trophy to Bert Faibish and his guest Andrew Furlong




Lauryn Pittana - Hybrid Tees

Michael Hobart - Red Tees


July 28, 2022

George and Lou Cumming Memorial Trophy Winners
Michael McKay & Andrew Branscombe
Net 57

Men’s Hamilton Inter-Club at TGC
Our Men's TGC Team was victorious over Hamilton
51.5 to 47.5

Women's 9-Hole Thornhill Inter-Club
Congratulations to our TGC team of
Jenny Mercer, Cathy Fauquier and Jane Graydon
on their win in the Thornhill 9-Hole Inter-Club.
July 21, 2022

Beatty Trophy Winners
Ted & Stefan Gajewski – Net 61

Ladies' Monthly Medal – Green Tees
Nathalie Mercure – Net 71

Men’s Monthly Medal – Black Tees
Mike Matheson – Net 71

July 14, 2022
Men's Invitation Winners

Low Net Team ~ Hart Trophy
JF Boucher & Payton Liske

Low Gross Team ~ Captain's Trophy
Andrew Branscombe & Ernie Vettese

Ladies' Member Guest Winners

Low Net Winners ~ Colt Course
Deb Cooper & Dulce Demelo
Vivian Abraham & Helene Derbyshire

Low Net Winners - Watson Course
Sandra Farley & Betty Cook
Jill Hermant & Ginny Day

July 7, 2022
Canada Day Competition
Friday, July 1st, 2022

 Lauryn Pittana
41 Net Stableford Points
Don Linsdell
40 Net Stableford Points

July 1, 2022

Stroke Play Weekend Winners

Women’s Stroke Play Champion
Carolyn Agnew - 168

Ladies Stroke Play 2022 winner.jpg

Men’s Stroke Play Champion
Will Leak - 146

Will Leak Stroke Play winner smaller.jpg

Men’s Senior Stroke Play Champion
Will Drope - 152

will Drope smaller.jpg

Junior Stroke Play Champion
Cameron Kim - 153

Cameron Kim Stroke play junior winner 2022 sma.jpg

Men’s A Flight
Richard Woods - 71 points

Stroke play Richard woods.jpg


June 24, 2022

Ladies' Monthly Medal Winner

Red Tees

Arlene Kobayashi

101 - 20 = Net 81

June 16, 2022

Hole in One

Fran Stone

June 15th - Watson Course - Hole #8



League of the Lower Lakes 
Congratulations to our Men's Toronto Golf Club Team
for their 3rd place finish at the League of the Lower Lakes Tournament. 
We look forward to competing next year and winning the Trophy. 

June 9, 2022


Luc Robinson
Albatross on Hole #16 - June 8th 

Men's Monthly Medal Winner - Blue Tees

Richard Woods - 77 - 14 = Net 63

Margaret E. Gouinlock Competition

Watson Course
Jenny Mercer & Ann McCulloch
Colt Course

Wendy Balfour & Liz Lesslie

June 2, 2022

Women's Senior Ada Mackenzie Matches

Debbie Court,

a member of Team Ontario, helped defend their title this year
at the Ada Mackenzie matches that were held at
St. Catherines Golf & CC.
Their victory was over their NY counterparts with a 16-4 win.

Colt Cup Winners

Melinda Harrison & Liz Lesslie

are co-winners with a score of 39 Net Stableford Points.

Mixed Spring Field Day Winners

Lisa Quinn, Alex Matheson, Jamie Maier, Patty Fischer



Stephanie Woodward - April 30th - Hole #9 - Watson Course
James Crossland - May 30th - hole #17