Our Facilities


Our Learning Centre is a world class, state of the art facility. It provides an ideal interactive learning environment with a variety of technologies available to identify key areas for improvement, quantify change and help our Professionals provide precise and accurate feedback. 

| Trackman | is a launch monitor utilizing Doppler Radar technology. It provides data on ten different club parameters at impact, and 15 parameters on ball flight. Trackman provides vital information in the club fitting process. It can also be used to provide gapping reports on your clubs. Trackman has a variety of tools that can be used to enhance practice sessions, the Trackman Combine for example, is a 60-shot test, designed to improve ball striking and provides relative handicap based on your score.

| Swing Catalyst Studio | is our video system. It provides high speed video from three camera angles. In addition, the software integrates the data from Trackman and the Balance Plate with video. It allows for live video and Pressure Data and for video lessons to be recorded and emailed to students. All data is stored and changes can be referenced to over time through video, pressure and launch monitor data.

| Swing Catalyst Pressure Plate | Is a balance plate that provides a pressure mapping and a centre of pressure trace that is synchronized with video. Pressure mapping shows where your pressure is left foot versus right foot and where pressure is within each foot. The pressure trace is a line that follows the net result of your pressure throughout the swing. This information is very useful in understanding how you interact with the ground and developing an efficient balanced swing. It is almost impossible to understand where your pressure is from video.

| SAM Puttlab | Is a system that measures how the putter moves through the stroke. Through a sample of strokes, it provides details on the path the putter travels throughout the stroke, how the putter face rotates, where the putter face is aimed at address and at impact, how the putter is travelling vertically (up or down) at impact, the orientation of the shaft (leaning forward or back), the delivered loft at impact, the tempo of the swing and the consistency of all of the measured parameters.

| Bull 3D | Is a six-sensor 3D motion capture system that allows us to measure and understand the movements of the pelvis, rib cage, head, neck, lead arm and wrist and the golf club. It measures the linear and rotational movement allowing for understanding of how each segment is moving and how they are interacting. The data allows for insight into injury prevention and a better understanding or priorities for improving performance. It also allows for live biofeedback to help guide the player through improvements. It is a very powerful tool for turning ‘feel’ into real.